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My name is Matthew M. Lug, and this is my home page
Over on the left you should see a list of links on a blue background. This list contains all major links that are described below. Please excuse the archaic layout of this page; I am in the process of modernizing this site. Renovation should be complete sometime between now and the end of time.
I am from New Windsor, New York, which is quite a bit north of the city (you know, that city they have in New York), so don't worry, I won't pull a gun on you. Maybe.
WPI I am currently a graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
ECE I am majoring in Electrical Engineering
I am a former treasurer of the WPI student branch of IEEE, I used to work in the WPI Writing Center, I am currently a Research Assistant in the Machine Vision Lab, and I occasionally write for Newspeak, the WPI student newspaper. I am also a member of two honor societies, Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu.
I've spent 3 years living in Sanford Riley Hall, which had its own home page. Freshman year I lived on the third floor, Sophomore year I lived on the second floor, and Junior year I lived on the fourth floor. For my senior year I ended up in Stoddard A. Social Web

Want to know more useless information? Here's a list of all the shows I've seen, including theatre, music, and comedy. Not enough? How about a list of books I own. Finally, here's a recent list of visitors to my web site.

Some Stuff I've Written

I enjoy writing in my free time, whenever I have free time, which isn't much here at WPI. Here you will find various examples of my writing, including essays, poetry, newspaper articles, and plays. (Last updated on 2/16/00)

Pictures I've Taken

I've taken thousands of pictures over the years, of things all over the US and Europe. I have a limited amount of web space, so there's only so much I can put on the web. My equipment is rather basic, a Fuji Discovery 270 35mm camera, Connectix Color QuickCam, and an Apple QuickTake 200 digital camera. However, all of this has recently been replaced by a Casio QV-2000UX digital camera. Pictures I've taken can be found in the following sections:

Projects at WPI

Cornwall Central High School stuff

I graduated from Cornwall Central High School, in Cornwall, New York. I am currently in the process of compiling and posting a list of e-mail addresses of CCHS graduates.
Unofficial CCHS Alumni E-mail Directory
If you know of any addresses that I don't have, e-mail me at

If you visit this page, please e-mail me at, because I am really desperate for e-mail. Please send me something. It would make me really happy. Please? E-mail me Damn It!!! Calm, calm. Relax. Picture yourself under a waterfall, far, far away in the mountains. Feel the water rushing over your body, calming your soul, setting your spirit free to dance among the soft white clouds...
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