The Beginning

20 May 1999 - 21 May 1999

Sorry, no pictures for this section. In the beginning there was a long flight. Before that though was a three hour drive from Worcester, MA to New Windsor, NY. After a couple days of packing, it was off to NYC, more specifically JFK. By limo. A big white one. With my mother and five other people. At JFK we met up with the five other people in our group, including David Weidner, a former English teacher of mine from high school and the coordinator of this trip. The twelve of us then waited to get through security. Waited to get on the plane. Waited on the runway to take off. I slept. The movie on the flight was You've Got Mail.

This flight landed in Milan on May 21, and from there we boarded a smaller plane bound for Catania in Sicily. We had a good view of the Italian coastline, and then when over Sicily we had a great view of Mount Etna. We landed in Catania, retrieved our luggage, and met with our guide, Armando Rosata, who took us to the bus to wait for all of our forty-five person group to arrive. We then set off for our first hotel, the Ramada in Giardini-Naxos

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