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7 August 2004 - All valid mailto links have been removed and replaced by a Comment Form. Let me know if you have any problems.

28 July 2004 - I'm still here, but there's not much going on with the site at the moment. If you want pictures, I have a few hundred pictures over at the Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes and Drums web site (links to the albums can be found on my MCV page). You can also see me in a picture on the 2004 Democratic National Convention web site, but only if you look really close at the lower right corner of this picture.

26 May 2003 - Three more pages are finished in the Portugal section.

10 December 2002 - If you are reading this, then you are on the new server. Everything should be working, so let me know if you have any problems.

10 December 2002 - This site is moving to a new server, but there should be no interruption in service. If this is the most recent update, then you are being directed to the old server. The DNS info should all change over in a day or two.

11 November 2002 - I'm still here, but not much has changed. About 100 books have been added to my book list due to a recent used book sale. A link in a comment I posted on Slashdot has resulted in about 500 hits so far, but the total bandwidth used has been negligible.

25 July 2002 - The new will be almost the same as the old one, but with some slight changes. Due to the increased web space and bandwidth available, pictures will be larger (most will be 800x600, up from 600x450) and I will be more likely to add content in the future.

25 July 2002 - As you may have noticed, this has been down for a while. Unfortunately, my hosting provider was incapable of providing hosting, so the site has been moved. It should be mostly in place in a few hours.

17 June 2002 - Due to Apple's decision to charge more for an account that I only use as a forwarding address than I pay for web hosting, unlimited e-mail, and domain registration, my address is being phased out. Let me know if you need a replacement address.

11 June 2002 - Pictures of the Methuen Memorial Music Hall are up in my Boston Area photo section.

08 June 2002 - Yes, there was a wedding. No, it wasn't mine. My wedding pictures are password protected to limit viewing to direct visitors. The username is the bride's maiden name (all lowercase) and the password is the groom's first name (all lowercase). If you don't know what they are, you're not getting in.

12 May 2002 - Pictures from the walk across the Bunker Hill Bridge are up in my new Boston section.

9 May 2002 - The CCHS E-mail Directory has been moved to a password protected section. Send an message to me with my Comment Form for more information.

17 April 2002 - is up and running. It may take a couple days for the DNS info to propagate. This will be the last news entry for the alum site.

14 April 2002 - Well, the domain is registered and hosting is set up, but my account doesn't seem to be working. CSS/HTML 4.01 compliance is mostly done, but I'm still working on a few things.

30 March 2002 - Good news - this site might be moving soon. I have registered a domain and am in the process of setting up web hosting. The photo sections will finally be available again, and I might een put some more content up. Of course, I'll also have to overhaul the site, get CSS set up, etc., so this means much more work for me...

9 February 2002 - Apparently my address has been blacklisted by several mail servers, including AOL. Thanks a lot guys, it's nice to see the olympic spirit of needlessly blocking communication on the internet spreading to such wonderful organizations like AOL. Speaking of the Olympics, I am so thoroughly disgusted by the IOC that I will not be watching them at all. Considering that olympic coverage is pretty much blocked anyway, this shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I'll actually update this site a little instead...

23 January 2002 - Not that anyone noticed, but the photo section is essentially dead while its server is being replaced. CGI forms are also down, and I haven't finished CSS and HTML 4.01 compliance yet. And yes, the section from my May 2000 trip still isn't done, so this could take a while. Of course, since I don't get any feedback on this site, I'll just assume nobody cares and give this a low priority. One day, I will have this site more or less fixed, I hope...

29 September 2001 - My book list has been updated with my purchases at the most recent book sale, and the size turned out to be a bit much for a web browser to deal with, so I added a version in Text only that will load much, much faster than the easier to read Table version. I also added two more sections to the FAQ. I recently started using IE due to Netscape not wanting to work, and I can't believe how horribly IE handles its history. I will therefore eventually put Back buttons on various pages that could use them, since the Back button in IE doesn't always take you back. As always, you can just click on the link at the very bottom to get back to the home page if you get lost. If you find any problems with my relocated site, please send me a message with my Comment Form.

14 September 2001 - Photo sections have been put on another server, so everything is now off For redundancy, these sections will also be put on whatever free web sites still exist.

14 September 2001 - My site on will no longer exist as of 21 September 2001. Most of the site will be moved to (, but due to quota restrictions, the photo sections will be located elsewhere. For now, just switch www to alum and you shouldn't have too many problems.

27 June 2001 - The site is gradually shifting over to, so you might want to make note of that if you want to find this place after October or so. Due to the lower quota over there, my photo sections will be hosted elsewhere, most likely on free web servers with banner ads or some other annoying thing... On the plus side, I will try to put each section on at least two different servers to account for any excessive lag, downtime, or permanent outages. If you have a web server and would like to host a complete mirror of my site for free, let me know.

2 June 2001 - Still no real news, but I split my visitor log up by year into: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.

25 February 2001 - There's not really any news, but I haven't put anything here in a while. My final Newspeak/Tech News articles are up in the Stuff I've Written section. I'm pretty much done with school now, so my WPI account will be disappearing in a few months. This site will eventually move somewhere else, so I'll post more info when more info exists.

23 October 2000 - I finally switched index files, moving the old index to oldindex.html and newindex.html to the site index.

28 August 2000 - My web site renovation is moving forward. Take a look at the New Index.

13 August 2000 - I added pictures from a baseball game to my Casio QV-2000UX review.

11 July 2000 - My Casio QV-2000UX review is now up.

22 June 2000 - Pictures are now up on my Portugal trip site. Text is being added whenever I can get around to it, it will be a few more weeks before everything is there. All pictures and links have been tested, so if you get any File Not Found errors, just try reloading.

29 May 2000 - The construction of my Portugal trip site is now underway. All 532 pictures were taken digitally, so there will be no delays due to developing or scanning. Also on the drawing board is a review of the camera I used, the Casio QV-2000UX. All of this should be done by the end of June, most likely the June in this year.

16 April 2000 - I made a few more modifications to my FAQ page.

22 March 2000 - I finally got around to scanning and uploading the last three pictures for the Sicily, Malta, Rome section.

16 February 2000 - All of my plays that were rejected from New Voices 18 are now up on the Stuff I've Written section.

08 November 1999 - I finally updated my FAQ page, not that anybody actually asks me any questions.

03 November 1999 - My new Sicily, Malta, Rome section is now mostly complete. I still have to scan in a few more pictures, and I want to add a couple more pages, but everything else is there.

30 October 1999 - A preview of the new Sicily, Malta, Rome section is now available. The section is not complete, and the larger pictures have not been uploaded yet.

29 October 1999 - This site's total number of hits since November 25, 1997 reached 1000 this morning.

25 October 1999 - Work has begun on an expansion of my Sicily, Malta, Rome trip section. Within a couple weeks I should have lots of pictures and descriptions available somewhere. Currently only index files of my 18+ rolls of film are available. The style of the new section will then be applied to many of the existing picture sections as part of the overhaul.

24 October 1999 - As the first step in my upcoming site overhaul, I've added a news section. This weekend I finally got around to sending out a test message to everyone listed in my CCHS E-mail Directory in an attempt to cut out all outdated addresses.

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