The Beginning

11 May 2000 - 12 May 2000


After I arrived in New York, the seven in our group headed down to JFK Airport by van. After an uneventful trip through airport security and a wait of a couple hours, we boarded a TAP Air Portugal Airbus 310 for Lisbon. The movie was Galaxy Quest, which was actually pretty good despite being a science fiction satire starring Tim Allen.

One interesting thing on most international flights is the duty free catalog. While the items listed in it aren't taxed, they are horribly overpriced. Shown above is a pen you can buy for $125 and a pen of mine that was free. $125 sure doesn't buy you much these days...

After landing, we met our tour director Todd Hudnall, who took us out to our bus. We had some time to spend at the Airport in Lisbon while we waited for more of the 41 people in our tour group to arrive, so we went to the cafeteria in the airport. The airport's interior was rather unique, as shown above. Our wait ended up being a few hours longer than expected, due to overbooking of a flight, which resulted in some people being delayed a day and some luggage being temporarily misplaced. We eventully left the airport for the hotel, where we would have a few more hours of waiting...

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