28 May 1999 - 31 May 1999


After leaving Palermo and passing through Agrigento, we finally arrived in Siracusa (Syracuse). On May 29 we went on a tour of the island of Ortigia, a part of Siracusa. We then went to the Archeological Site in Siracusa. In the afternoon we went off on our own to the archeological museum, which was quite large. Unlike the other museums, some of the exhibits had descriptions in English.

May 30 was our last full free day in Sicily. We went back to Ortigia and wandered through the shops. We also went on a boat tour around the island. That night, Armando took some of us to Ortigia for a nighttime walking tour and some gelato.

On May 31, the people who weren't going on to Malta left in the morning for the airport. Since we had all morning and early afternoon to ourselves, we went to the supermarket, some nearby shops, and the souveneir stands near the Archeological Site. In the afternoon, those of us who were going to Malta left Siracusa for Pozzallo via Noto.

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